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Company Description

MegaBiz is a global petrochemical product trading company with headquarters located in Istanbul, Turkey. Despite being fairly new company, and petrochemical product trading having a very competitive and constantly changing environment, MegaBiz grows bigger and stronger thanks to its professional assosicates, relationship/partnership orientation, responsiveness, and flexibility. Whether you need polymers, aromatics, chemicals, fertilizers, or LPG - MegaBiz is always here to provide you with exceptional services including best deals, logistics, and high quality products.



MegaBiz Petrochemical Trading Co. prioritizes a smooth and satisfactory customer journey above all else. Therefore, we handle all logistics from the moment the product is ordered until it is delivered (unless agreed otherwise). MegaBiz also takes responsibility for all the damages incurred during transportation of the products.

Internal Platform

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Whether you need advice about the choice of the best material our professional team is always ready to provide a colsuntancy.

Why choose us?

MegaBiz Petrochemical Trading Co. is committed to provide best experiences along the whole supply chain.

Our experience and knowledge of the field means we have expertise across all business functions and regulations. Regardless, MegaBiz constantly thrives to improve its process and business conduct in order to provide unique experience to its stakeholders. MegaBiz keeps its promises and aims at building lasting relationships with our suppliers and customers providing them with best possible solutions. Being an internationally oriented company, MegaBiz shares its knowledge and experiences across all its offices. We are known for our culturally diverse, locally experienced, and expert staff which speaks number of languages helping to destroy cultural and language barriers with our stakeholders.

Mission Statement

MegaBiz aims at differentiating in petrochemical trading by providing the most flexible, timely and responsive services to its customers. At MegaBiz, we focus on building long lasting relationships and achievement of satisfaction for all the stakeholders by:
o Developing a systematic structure & being consistent
o Providing help & responding to the needs
o Keeping promises & solving the problems


Our aim is to:
o Grow into the most competitive petrochemical products trading company in the world
o Establish partnership with each and every company in petrochemical industry
o Continuously reinvent company’s structure, systems, processes, and practices


At MegaBiz, we created a strong experience-oriented culture because of strong belief in the
o Respect
o Honesty
o Responsibility
o Precision
o Flexibility
o Personal & Professional Growth
o Diversity
o Integrity


Below you can see the countries where we have branches, the number of customers we sell products and the quantity of products we sell.






WhatsApp Assistance

Our team is always willing to deliver high quality assistance in any problems encountered or requests.

Why Invest in Petrochemicals?

Petrochemicals – components derived from oil and gas that are used in all sorts of daily products such as plastics, fertilisers, packaging, clothing, digital devices, medical equipment, detergents and tyres – are becoming the largest drivers of global oil demand, in front of cars, planes and trucks, according to a major study by the International Energy Agency.

Petrochemicals are set to account for more than a third of the growth in world oil demand to 2030, and nearly half the growth to 2050, adding nearly 7 million barrels of oil a day by then. They are also poised to consume an additional 56 billion cubic metres (bcm) of natural gas by 2030, and 83 bcm by 2050.

Petrochemicals are particularly important given how prevalent they are in everyday products. They are also required to manufacture many parts of the modern energy system, including solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, thermal insulation and electric vehicles.

Demand for plastics – the key driver for petrochemicals from an energy perspective – has outpaced all other bulk materials (such as steel, aluminium, or cement), nearly doubling since 2000. Advanced economies currently use up to 20 times more plastic and up to 10 times more fertiliser than developing economies on a per capita basis, underscoring the huge potential for global growth. Petrochemical products provide substantial benefits to society, including a growing number of applications in various cutting-edge, clean technologies critical to sustainable energy systems.

However, the production, use and disposal of petrochemical-derived products present a variety of climate, air quality and water pollution challenges that need to be addressed. While substantial increases in recycling and efforts to curb single-use plastics are underway, especially in Europe, Japan and Korea, the impact these efforts can have on demand for petrochemicals is far outweighed by sharply increasing plastic consumption in emerging economies” (IEA, 2018).